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Bedbug Treatment in Southern Illinois

Enviro-Tech Termite & Pest Control has the experience and know-how to take care of your bedbug problem. In the early phases of life, bed bugs are clear and invisible to the naked eye. After they grow and develop, they become the color of rusted metal. They range in size from one to about five millimeters and a full grown adult bed bug can be about the size of an apple seed. Their broad oval and flat bodies elongate after feeding.

About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal and hide out of sight during the day. When they infiltrate your bed or furniture, it can be an extended period of time before you might suspect or detect these stealthy creatures. They can tend to congregate in groups and live in your mattress or furniture. They are reclusive and it can be several weeks or even months before you might notice or suspect bed bugs to be a problem. That is why early detection and removal is so important for your home family, and health.

Your Bedbug Removal Professionals

Our treatment is environmentally-safe for you, your pets, and your children with a noninvasive environmentally safe treatment for you, your pets and children. Call (618) 529-5594 today and let the experts take care of your bed bug infestation issues quickly, effectively, and safely.