Extermination Services and Pest Inspections in Southern Illinois

Safeguard your home or business from infestation with the professional services from Enviro-Tech Termite & Pest Control. Serving Marion and all of Southern Illinois, our pest control services include extensive extermination services and pest inspections.

Pest Control Services

At Enviro-Tech Termite & Pest Control, we emphasize ongoing training for our entire staff in order to continually developed the best methods of extermination and pest control. We will work hard to protect your home from infestations and everyday pests that can plague your house.

Our company provides a 30-day warranty on all our services, and an elimination guarantee for all termite work. We perform free Brown Recluse inspections in addition to our other services, which include:
• Ant Control
• Carpenter Ant Control
• Bee Removal
• Mice Control
• Outdoor Pest Control
• Fly Control
• Mosquito Control
• Bed Bug Removal
• Termite Baiting, Control, & Pre-Treatment
• Inspections
• Spider Control
• Wasp & Hornet Removal
• Cockroach Control
Pest Expert Worker - Pest Control Service in Carbondale, IL

Highly Effective, Environmentally Friendly Products

It is our job to make your home and the surrounding area safe and free of pests. We make sure to exterminate all of the insects in an area without leaving chemical residue that is hazardous to plants, pets, and children. That is why we only use green products from the most trusted brands in the industry, such as:
• DeltaGard™
• Maxforce
• Premise
• Suspend® SC
• Tempo®
• Temprid SC
• Termidor® SC
• Whitmire Products